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She's Got That Light

Orange Blue

She's Got That Light


Performers Orange Blue
- Volcan (vocals)
- Vince (piano)
Clem Burke (drums)
Jimmy Destri (keyboard)
Nigel Harrison (Elektrischer Bass)
Debbie Harry (vocals)
Frank Infante (guitar)
Christopher "Chris" Stein (guitar)

Composers Orange Blue J. Lee Oliver Fahrenheit

Date of recording at about 1978
at about 2000


In Love With A Dream

Blondie, Orange Blue

In Love With A Dream

Record Label Edel / 0119962

Year of production 2000

Tracks - CD 1
1. Swallowed The Moon   
American Gigolo (Film)
2. When Julie Says   
4. Is There Anyone   
5. Morocco   
6. Telephonecall To N.Y.C. (Part I)
7. In Love With A Dream
8. You Are The One
9. Theme From If You Belive
10. If You Belive
11. Telephonecall To N.Y.C. (Part 2)
12. Sometimes
13. Kind Of Deliverance
14. Emma
Dinosaurier (Film)
16. Bottom Of A Red Wine Bottle
17. The Voice Of My Blood
18. Guilty
Tracks - CD 2
1. Dreaming