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Step By Step

Whitney Houston

Step By Step


Performers Whitney Houston (vocals)

Composers Annie Lennox

Date of recording at about 1996


The Preacher's Wife. Original Soundtrack

Whitney Houston, Houston, Cissy

The Preacher's Wife. Original Soundtrack

Record Label Arista / 07822-18951-2

Year of production 1996

The Preacher's Wife (Film)
3. Joy
4. Hold on, help is on the way   
5. I go to the rock   
6. I love the lord   
7. Somebody bigger than you and I   
8. You were loved   
9. My heart is calling   
10. I believe in you and me (Single version)   
11. Step by step (Remix)
12. Who would imagine a king   
13. He's all over me   
14. The lord is my shepherd   
15. Joy to the world