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The Living Years

Mike & The Mechanics

The Living Years


Performers Mike + The Mechanics
Mike Rutherford (Elektrischer Bass)
Paul Carrack (background voice, vocals)
Paul Young (background voice, vocals)
Adrian Lee (keyboard)
Peter Van Hooke (drums)
Alan Murphy (guitar)
Luis Jardin (percussion)
Martin Ditcham (percussion)
Sal Gallina
Alan Carvell (background voice)
Chris Neil (background voice)
B. A. Robertson (keyboard)
King's House School Choir
Michael Stuckey

Composers Mike Rutherford B. A. Robertson

Date of recording 18 April 1988 - 18 August 1988


Living Years

Mike + The Mechanics

Living Years

Record Label WEA / 256 004-2

Year of production 1988

1. Nobody's perfect   
3. Seeing is believing   
4. Nobody knows   
5. Poor boy down   
6. Blame   
7. Don't   
8. Black & blue   
9. Beautiful day   
10. Why me?