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Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way


Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way


Performers U2

Composers Lawrence Joseph "Larry" Mullen Adam Clayton David Howell Evans

Date of recording 2017


Songs Of Experience

U2, Kygo

Songs Of Experience

Record Label UMI / Island Records / s.n.

Year of production 2017

1. Love Is All We Have Left
2. Lights Of Home
5. American Soul
6. Summer Of Love
7. Red Flag Day
8. The Showman (Little More Better)
9. The Little Things That Give You Away
10. Landlady
11. The Blackout
13. 13 (There Is A Light)
14. Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix)
15. Book Of Your Heart
16. Lights Of Home (St Peter's String Version)
17. You're The Best Thing About Me