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Shout To The Top!

Style Council

Shout To The Top!


Performers The Style Council
Paul Weller (vocals, electric guitar)
Mick Talbot (keyboard, vocals)

Composers Paul Weller

Date of recording at about 1984


The Singular Adventures Of The Style Council

The Style Council

The Singular Adventures Of The Style Council

Record Label Polydor Ltd. London / 837 896-2

Year of production 1989

1. You're The Best Thing
2. Have You Ever Had It Blue (12" Version)
3. Money Go Round (Parts I & II)
4. My Ever Changing Moods (12" Version)
5. Long Hot Summer (12" Version)
6. The Lodgers
7. Walls Come Tumbling Down
9. Wanted
10. It Didn't Matter
11. Speak Like A Child
12. A Solid Bond In Your Heart
13. Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm
14. Promised Land
15. How She Threw It All Away
16. Waiting