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I'm Done

Patric Scott

I'm Done


Performers Patric Scott (vocals)
Pivo Deinert (guitar)
Raymond McKinley (bass)
Massimo Bounanno (drum)
Petra Bonmassar (background voice)

Composers Stefanie Ridel Tommy Lee James Ashlyne Anderson Huff

Date of recording at about 2017


Paint Me Back

Patric Scott, Skulduggz, Zibbz

Paint Me Back

Record Label Cloud26 Records / 03

Year of production 2017

1. Whip It!
2. Underwater
3. Crashed N' Burned
4. Lights
5. Nothing To Prove
6. Unexpected
7. Haunted
9. Wedding Song
10. Unfair
11. I Will Be
12. Carry Her Heart
13. Change
14. Whatever Makes U Happy
15. What's Love ...
16. Paint Me Back (Outro)