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With You

Patric Heller feat. Romy Wave

With You


Performers Patric Heller (piano, vocals)
Romy Wave (vocals)
Lothar Kosse (guitar)
Alex Hutchings (guitar)
Klaus Bittner (guitar)
Marc Ebermann (bass)
Ralf Gustke (drums)

Composers Patric Heller

Date of recording at about 2016


Back On Track

Patric Heller, Donsel Mitchell, Davy Spillane, Lina Kuduzovic, Romy Wave

Back On Track

Record Label Deepdive Records / deep043

Year of production 2016

1. I Did Not Achieve   
2. Back On Track   
3. My Love Is True   
5. Blow My Mind   
6. Naughty   
7. No Greater Love   
9. Won't Let You Go   
10. Good Friend   
11. Back Home Melancholy   
12. Thank You