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Born In A Wave

Andrea Moore

Born In A Wave


Performers Andrea Moore (vocals)
Markus Wessel (keyboard, piano, programming)
Manfred Hochholzer (guitars)
Helly Kumpusch (background voice)
Waltraud Kumpusch (background voice)

Composers Andrea Moore Mo Richner

Date of recording at about 2015


Getting There

Andrea Moore, Helly Kumpusch

Getting There

Record Label Hellywood Music / CD 411.122

Year of production 2015

1. I'm Getting There   
3. Someday   
4. When The Sun Comes Up   
5. Hello My Angel   
6. Don't Feel Your Love Anymore   
7. Smile My Tears Away   
8. Dancing On The Rainbow   
9. Now It's You And I   
10. Ready To Win   
11. Never Say Goodbye   
12. Day And Night   
13. Now It´s You And I - Duett