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Never Fall In Love

Urs Wiesendanger feat. Charlye

Never Fall In Love


Performers Charlye (vocals)
Urs Wiesendanger (keyboard, vocals, programming)
Chris Muzik (bass, guitar)
Claudio Cervino (guitar)

Composers Urs Wiesendanger Cornelia Daniel

Date of recording after 2003 - at about 2005


Unreleased Tracks

Urs Wiesendanger, Jeff Lorber, Charlye, Eve Gallagher, Chris Muzik, Daniel Küffer, Valentina, Michèle Anderle

Unreleased Tracks

Record Label NiRo Sounds

Year of production 2015

1. Cricket   
2. Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)   
3. When I Close My Eyes   
4. Crazy   
5. Enchanted Way   
6. Lettera per te   
7. Once Again   
8. This Woman Has To Be   
9. Morning Suite   
11. L'amore per te   
12. Never Thought