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Come Around

Virginia Light feat. Lena Schenker

Come Around


Performers Virginia Light (background voice, vocals, guitar)
Lena Schenker (background voice, vocals)
Ricardo Sanz (background voice)
Derrick Feole (saxophone)

Composers Lars van Everdingen Rick Laine Ricardo Sanz Ralph Zünd

Date of recording at about 2013


I Believe

Virginia Light, Lena Schenker

I Believe

Record Label R&T Music-Records

Year of production 2014

1. Life (Intro)   
3. I Believe   
4. Dream On   
5. Shining Star   
7. The Truth Beneath   
8. I F**king Hate You   
9. Swallow Your Pride   
10. I Don't Need You Now   
11. Take My Heart   
12. Come Back Home Again   
13. Fly   
14. What Did I Do Right   
15. Is It Me, Is It You?   
16. I Believe (Acoustic-Version)