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Shine A Light

Charlie Midnite

Shine A Light


Performers Charlie Midnite (background voice, vocals, guitar)
Mr. Drumatix (percussion, drums)
Mr. Blaze (bass)
Christoph "Chris" Heule (keyboards)
Scott Neubert (banjo)
Melissa DuVall (background voice)

Composers Charlie Midnite

Date of recording at about 2014


So What?!

Charlie Midnite, Midnite, Charlie (Alias) feat. Kimball, Ronnie

So What?!

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Year of production 2014

1. Rain & Snow   
3. Hard Candy   
4. Heaven   
5. Neon Lights   
6. Song For An Unknown Sister   
7. Loving One Another   
8. Hello   
9. So Far So Good   
10. Hey hey Mister   
11. Love