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I Worry

Sir Joe

I Worry


Performers Sir Joe (mandoline, acoustic guitar, background voice, vocals, electric guitar)
Matthias "Matete" Kräutli (drums)
David Mägert (percussion)
Christian "Häni" Häni (percussion)
Andreas Menzi (bass)
Emanuel Bakaus (hammond)
Manuel Halter (piano)
Valerie Stucki (background voice, glockenspiel)
Nina Gutknecht (background voice)

Composers Sir Joe

Date of recording at about 2014


Treasures In A Box

Sir Joe, William White

Treasures In A Box

Record Label The Song Brewery / s.n.

Year of production 2014

2. Lucky Days
3. Beautiful Thing
4. Crossroads
5. In These Days
6. Make It Shine
7. At The Prom
8. Unchained
9. I Worry (Reprise)
11. A Place On Earth
12. A Moment In Between (Outro)