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Poker Alice feat. Ronnie

Hello Hello Hello Hello


Performers Poker Alice
- Charlie Midnite (vocals, guitar)
- René Hunziker (percussion, drums)
- Mr. Blaze (bass)
Ronnie (vocals)

Composers Charlie Midnite

Date of recording 2013


3 Men & 11 Songs

Poker Alice, James Harrison, Ronnie, Charlie (CH), Jaimee Paul, Sara McLoud, Melissa DuVall, Brandon McGuiness

3 Men & 11 Songs

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Year of production 2013

1. Sweet Sensation   
3. I Am No More   
4. Catch Me (If You Can)   
5. A Long Road To Anywhere
6. Pick Me Up   
7. Carolina   
8. Blue
9. Bittersweet   
10. Caledonia   
11. Bad Ideas   
12. Fuel In My Blood