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Do Wah Diddy Diddy

Manfred Mann

Do Wah Diddy Diddy


Performers Manfred Mann (organ)

Composers Jeff Barry Ellie Greenwich

Date of recording 1964


The Evolution Of Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Michael David "Mike" D'Abo

The Evolution Of Manfred Mann

Record Label Creature Music / MANFRED 1

Year of production 2003

Tracks - CD 1
1. 5-4-3-2-1
2. Hubble bubble (Toil and trouble)
My girl (Film)
4. Sha la la
5. Come tomorrow
6. Oh no not my baby
7. If you gotta go, go now
8. Pretty flamingo
9. Just like a woman
10. Semi-detached suburban Mr. James
12. Sweet pea
14. My name is Jack
16. Ragamuffin man
17. Handbad and gladrags
18. Miss me in the morning
Tracks - CD 2
1. Joybringer (From Jupiter)
2. Spirits in the night
4. Questions
5. Davy's on the road again
6. California
7. You angel you
8. Don't kill it Carol
9. Lies (Through The 80s)
10. Demolition man
11. Runner
12. Redemption song (No kwazulu)
13. Sikelele II
14. Nothing ever happens
15. Blinded by the light
16. For you