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Addicted To Your Love

Dave Kull

Addicted To Your Love


Performers Dave Kull (acoustic guitar, vocals, programming)
Simon Kistler (percussion, drums)
Simon Egli (bass)
Simon Blättler (electric guitar)
Steven Parry (keyboard)
Frank Niklaus (synthesizer, programming)
Dave Hofmann (synthesizer, percussion, background voice, electric guitar, programming)

Composers Dave Kull

Date of recording at about 2013


Fighter For Love

Dave Kull, Tanja Kull, Jorge Mhondera

Fighter For Love

Record Label Legacy Music / s.n.

Year of production 2013

1. Fighter For Love   
3. Touch You   
5. Enchanted Warrior   
7. What You Do To Me   
8. Rise   
9. Shine   
10. Broken Wings   
11. All Right   
12. Who You Are