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Dress Up

Tom Swift

Dress Up


Performers Tom Swift (vocals)
Philipp Setzepfand (keyboard, guitar)
Philipp Laphart (trumpet)
Roger Greipl (saxophone)
Lukas Briggen (Trombone)
Eric Gut (Drums)

Composers Tom Swift

Date of recording at about 2013


Dress Up

Tom Swift, Phenomden

Dress Up

Record Label Irascible (Lausanne) / IRA 1302

Year of production 2013

2. Just Here To Dance   
3. Mo' Bubbles   
4. Naturally   
5. Trip Over Your Feet   
6. Soulbowl   
7. Can't Be Bothered   
8. Plastic People   
9. Skin   
10. African Disco Dub   
11. Vibe Spot   
12. Let's Make A Baby   
13. In The Name Of The Groove