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Lina Button feat. Matt

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Performers Lina Button (woman's voice, lead vocals, vocals)
Matt (lead vocals)
Thomas Fessler (percussion, classical guitar, dobro, melodica)
Roger Hintermann (drums)
Beat Jegen (mandoline, percussion, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel)
Gabriel Spahni (bass)
Marvin Trummer (piano)
Marcel Waldburger (piano)

Composers Lina Button

Date of recording at about 2012
at about 2013
1 January 2013 - 31 December 2013


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Lina Button, Matt

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Record Label Phonag Records / 0081593PHO

Year of production 2013

2. Place In The Sun   
5. Do You Still Care   
6. Let Us Fly   
7. You The Pain & Me   
8. Loner   
9. The Beach   
10. The Same   
11. Peaceful   
12. Crossing The Line