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What A Fool Believes

Doobie Brothers

What A Fool Believes


Performers The Doobie Brothers
- Patrick Simmons (vocals, guitar)
- Michael McDonald (synthesizer, keyboard, vocals)
- Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (guitar)
- Tiran Porter (e-bass, vocals, Elektrischer Bass)
- Keith Knudsen (Drums, vocals, drums)
- John Hartman (Drums, drums)
Bobby LaKind (conga, vocals)
Herb Pedersen (banjo)
Byron Berline (violin)
Norton Buffalo (harmonica)
Andrew Love (saxophone)
Ben Cauley (trumpet)
Billy Payne (synthesizer)
Michael MacDonald (synthesizer, keyboard, vocals)
Jeff Baxter (guitar)

Composers Michael McDonald Kenny Loggins Michael MacDonald

Date of recording at about 1978


Minute By Minute

The Doobie Brothers

Minute By Minute

Record Label Warner Bros. Records / 256 486

Year of production 1988

1. Here To Love You
3. Minute By Minute
4. Dependin' On You (= Depending) = Dependin' on you ( = depending)
5. Don't Stop To Watch The Wheels
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Sweet Feelin' (= Feeling) = Sweet feelin' ( = feeling)
8. Steamer Lane Breakdown
9. You Never Change
10. How Do The Fools Survive ?