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Never Had To Cry


Never Had To Cry


Performers Monotales
- Mauro Guarise (vocals)
- Kuno Studer (guitar)
- David Hangartner (keyboard, guitar)
- Andi Schnellmann (bass)
- Simon Britschgi (drums)

Composers Monotales

Date of recording at about 2010
at about 2011


Call Me A Stealer, Call Me A Thief

Monotales, Heidi Happy

Call Me A Stealer, Call Me A Thief

Record Label HRP Records / HRP003-2

Year of production 2010

1. I Don`t Wanna Go To Heaven
2. Love Is Fair
3. If Your Love Had Made Me Strong
4. Mono Blues
6. I Can`t Think Of Any Other Than You
7. Bloom
8. Lantern On The Hill
9. I Will Fall In Love With You Again
10. London Museum
11. Coming Back
12. Medicine For Melodies
13. This House Is Empty Now