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No One

Patric Scott

No One


Performers Patric Scott (vocals)
Martin De Vries (keyboard, background voice, drums)
Petra Bonmassar (background voice)

Composers Petra Bonmassar Dominik Rüegg Patric Scott

Date of recording at about 2011


Ma Philosophy

Patric Scott, Edita Abdieski

Ma Philosophy

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s. n.

Year of production 2011

1. This Is Me
2. Ma Philosophy
4. Ride
5. Flesh & Bones
6. Better
7. Naked
8. Are You Ready
9. The Walls Around Our Hearts
10. Cosmic Cartoon
11. Not Strong Enough
12. Through The Rain
13. And The Rain Comes Down
14. Listen With Your Heart
15. Music
16. No One