Rossana Casale

Rossana Casale

born on 21/7/1959 in New York City, NY, United States

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Rossana Casale

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Rossana Casale

Rossana Casale (born July 21, 1959) is an Italian singer.


Casale was born in New York City, United States, from an American father and Italian mother, and shortly after she relocated to Venice in Italy and then to Milan.[1] Her career began as chorist in band Albero Motore,[2] vocalist in many productions of dance music (Klein & MBO,[3] Kano,[4] Mike Francis), and as organizer of a choir formatted by young Americans. Casale later entered the Conservatory G. Verdi in Milan by attending classes in singing, percussion and electronic music.[2] Casale's first single, "Didin", written also by Alberto Fortis, was published in 1982,[5] and her first album, Rossana Casale in 1984, produced by Premiata Forneria Marconi.[6]

In 1983 she had a part in Pupi Avati's film Una gita scolastica,[7] and also took part in film's soundtrack with two songs: L'incanto and A tu per tu.[8] In 1986, she had a performance at the Sanremo festival with "Brividi",[9] song written by Maurizio Fabrizio; she also participated in 1987 with "Destino".[10] Also in 1986, she won the Canale 5 television song contest Premiatissima 86, with the song "Nuova vita".[11] One year after she released the album La via dei misteri, written by M. Fabrizio and G. Morra, and produced by M. Fabrizio. Also in 1987, Casale sung as guest at Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia.[1] Casale participated three more times in Sanremo festival, in 1989 with "A che servono gli dei"[12] (from album Incoerente Jazz), in 1991 with "Terra"[13] (album Lo stato naturale) and in 1993 (in duet with Grazia Di Michele) singing "Gli amori diversi", which placed 3rd in the contest.[14]

After the 1994 album Jazz in me, in 1995/1996 season Casale debuted in theatre playing alongside Raffaele Paganini in musical Un americano a Parigi,[15] receiving the "Bob Fosse" award for best debut.[1] In 1996 Casale released her 7th album, Nella notte un volo, written and produced by Casale herself and Andrea Zuppini, which was followed by tour with 50 concerts in clubs. After the Jacques Brel in me album (1999), in 1999/2000 season she played the character Sugar (originally Marilyn Monroe's character in homonymous movie) alongside Alessandro Gassman and Gianmarco Tognazzi in "A qualcuno piace caldo" (Some Like It Hot) musical,[16][17] produced by Compagnia della Rancia and directed by Saverio Marconi. In 2000 the album Strani frutti was released, and in 2001/2002 season she played Audrey in La piccola bottega degli orrori[18] also directed by Saverio Marconi. 2002 saw the release of Riflessi, an album of Casale's rearranged old tracks. and 2004 the album Billie Holliday in me with Casale's interpretation of some Billie Holiday's songs, followed by 250 concerts all over Italy. In 2006 she released Circo immaginario, an album produced by herself and Anderea Zuppini, and in 2007 she debutes as theatre author and composer with musical Otto donne ed un mistero, directed by Claudio Insegno.[19][20]



  • 1984 Rossana casale (mini-lp)
  • 1986 La via dei misteri
  • 1987 La via dei misteri (re-release with 2 additional tracks)
  • 1989 Incoerente Jazz
  • 1989 Frammenti (compilation)
  • 1991 Lo stato naturale
  • 1992 Brividi (compilation with new tracks)
  • 1993 Alba argentina
  • 1994 Jazz in me
  • 1996 Nella notte un volo
  • 1999 Jacques Brel in me
  • 2000 Strani frutti
  • 2002 Riflessi (compilation with new and rearranged tracks)
  • 2004 Billie Holiday in me
  • 2006 Circo immaginario
  • 2009 Merry Christmas in jazz


  • With Alberto Fortis: Innamorata Neve 1982
  • With Daniele Groff: Pensieri e parole
  • With Eugenio Finardi: Le ragazze di Osaka
  • With Fabio Concato: Bambino mio Fatto per un mondo migliore Petra
  • With Giorgio Conte: Davvero propizio il giorno per il Toro e il Capricorno 1993
  • With Grazia Di Michele: Gli amori diversi
  • With Grazia Di Michele e Tosca: Propositi and Voglio
  • With Kaballà: Jorna senza data Si fa sera 1993
  • With Mario Amici: Negli occhi e nelle mani 1993
  • With Mario Rosini: Una mano sul cuore
  • With Mike Francis: Let me in
  • With Renato Zero: Non arrossire 2005
  • With Sergio Endrigo: Era d'estate 2003
  • With Toquinho: Gente sospesa 1986
  • With Tosca: Destino
  • With Zucchero: Un piccolo aiuto
  • With Carmel McCourt: You are on my mind


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