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born in in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Adam Messinger

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Adam Messinger

Adam "Messy" Messinger is a Grammy Award winning Canadian songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Los Angeles, California.[1] Besides his solo work, he is part of the writing and production duo The Messengers along with Nasri Atweh.


Born in Toronto, Messinger started playing the piano at age five, and proceeded to develop skills for a variety of instruments, including sax, bass, guitar, and drums/percussion. After being enrolled in the Claude Watson School for the Arts program from grade 4 through to 13, he attended the music program at York University in Toronto, where he was awarded the Oscar Peterson Scholarship for Jazz studies two years consecutively. He received Juno Award nominations in 2001 and 2006 for his work with a cappella group Cadence. He also co-wrote the winning RnB song in the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. He was won two GMA Canada Covenant Awards in 2005 and 2009 for his work with rap/ rock artist Manafest.

In recent years, his partnership with fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Nasri (now known as "The Messengers") has functioned as a writing and production team for such artists as Justin Bieber, Shakira, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Michael Bolton, Iggy Azalea, Kris Allen, Lea Michele, Cody Simpson, The Wanted, JoJo, Vanessa Hudgens, No Angels, Brandy and the New Kids On The Block. The Messengers work has resulted in two Grammy Award nominations for 2011 Best Pop Vocal Album - Justin Bieber (My World 2.0), 2011 Best Contemporary R&B Album - Chris Brown (Graffiti),[2] and a win for 2012 Best RnB Album - Chris Brown (F.A.M.E.).[3] As well, their collaboration between Justin Bieber and Rascal Flatts "That Should Be Me" won a 2011 CMT Music Award for Best Collaborative Video.[4]

Messinger has also done work with Grammy award winning songwriters, such as Diane Warren, Babyface, Dan Hill, Jorgen Elofsson, and Andreas Carlsson.

Partial discography

  • Shakira Shakira (Sony/RCA)[5]
    • "You Don't Care About Me": Writer, producer, musician
    • "Cut Me Deep" (feat. MAGIC!): Writer, producer, musician
    • "The One Thing": Writer, producer, musician
  • Pitbull Global Warming (Mr. 305 / RCA)[6]
    • "Feel This Moment" (feat. Christina Aguilera): Writer, producer, musician
    • "Hope We Meet Again" (feat. Chris Brown): Writer, producer, musician
  • MAGIC! - MAGIC! (Sony Music International / Latium)
    • "Rude": Writer, producer, musician[7]
  • Iggy Azalea - The New Classic (Island / Def Jam)
    • "Change Your Life" (feat. T.I.): Writer, producer, musician[8]
  • Justin Bieber Believe (Island / Def Jam)
    • "All Around the World": Writer, producer, musician[9]
    • "Believe": Writer, producer, musician
    • "Just Like Them": Writer, Co-producer, musician
  • Chris Brown Fortune (RCA)
    • "Don't Judge Me": Writer, producer, musician[10]
    • "Your World": Writer, producer, musician
  • Lea Michele Louder (Columbia)
    • "Burn With You": Writer, producer, musician[11]
  • The Wanted - Word of Mouth (Island)
    • "We Own the Night"[12]
  • Justin Bieber (Island / Def Jam)
    • "Turn to You (Mother's Day Dedication)": Producer, writer, musician
  • Justin Bieber Under the Mistletoe (Island / Def Jam)
    • "Mistletoe": Writer, producer, musician
    • "Christmas Love": Writer, producer, musician
  • Justin Bieber Never Say Never The Remixes (Island / Def Jam)
    • "Never Say Never": Writer, producer, musician
    • "That Should Be Me (feat. Rascal Flatts)": Writer, producer, musician
    • "Up (feat. Chris Brown)": Writer, producer, musician
  • Chris Brown F.A.M.E. (Jive)
    • "Next 2 You": Writer, producer, musician
  • Cody Simpson Paradise (Atlantic)
    • "Paradise": Producer, writer, musician, mixer
    • "I Love Girls": Producer, writer, musician, mixer
  • Justin Bieber My Worlds Acoustic (Island / Def Jam)[13]
    • "Pray": Writer, producer, musician
    • "Never Say Never": Writer, producer, musician
    • "That Should Be Me": Writer, producer, musician
  • Justin Bieber The Karate Kid (2010 film) (Columbia Pictures)[14]
    • "Never Say Never": Writer, producer, musician
  • Justin Bieber My World 2.0 (Island / Def Jam)[15]
    • "Up": Writer, producer, musician
    • "That Should Be Me": Writer, producer, musician
  • Chris Brown Graffiti (Jive)[16]
    • "Crawl": Writer, producer, musician
  • Kris Allen (19 Entertainment/RCA)[17]
    • The Vision of Love (2012): Writer, producer, musician
  • JoJo Jumping Trains (Blackground / Interscope)
    • "Jumping Trains": Writer, producer, musician
    • "Play This Twice": Writer, producer, musician
  • JoJo Can't Take That Away From Me (Blackground / Interscope)
    • "Boy Without A Heart": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • New Kids on the Block The Block (Interscope)[18]
    • "Stare At You": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
    • "Close To You": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
    • "Summertime": Vocal producer
    • "Single" (feat. Ne-Yo) : Vocal producer, mixer
    • "Click Click Click": Vocal producer
    • "Lights Camera Action": Vocal producer
    • "One Song": Vocal producer
  • Michael Bolton One World One Love (Universal Motown)[19]
    • "Ready For You": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
    • "You Comfort Me": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
    • "My Lady": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
    • "Sign Your Name": Producer, musician, mixer
    • "Need You To Fall": Co-producer, musician, mixer
    • "Can You Feel Me": Co-producer, mixer
    • "Invisible Tattoo": Co-producer, musician, mixer
    • "Crazy Love": Co-producer, musician, mixer
  • Cody Simpson Coast to Coast (Atlantic)[20]
    • "Not Just You"
    • "Angel"
  • Prince Royce (Atlantic)[21]
    • "Addicted": Producer, musician, mixer
  • Lolene Electrick Hotel[22] (Capitol)
    • "Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)": Writer, producer, musician
  • Vanessa Hudgens Identified[23] (Hollywood)
    • "Party on the Moon": Writer
  • Brandy Human[24] (Epic)
    • "True": Musician
  • No Angels Welcome To The Dance (Universal)[25]
    • "One Life": Co-producer, musician, mixer
    • "Young Love": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
    • "Too Old": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
    • "Say Goodbye" Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • The Cab - Symphony Soldier" (Z Entertainment)
    • "Temporary Bliss"
  • Alex Lambert (19 Entertainment)[26]
    • "I Didnt Know": Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • Marina Chello [27] (BadBoy)
    • "Sideline": Writer, producer, musician
  • Eva Avila Somewhere Else'[28]' (Sony/BMG)
    • "I Owe It All To You": Writer
    • "Stop Crying": Writer
    • "Weak In The Knees": Writer
    • "Fallin For You": Producer, musician, mixer
  • Eva Avila Give Me the Music'[29]' (Sony/BMG)
    • "What I Want (Not What I Need)": Writer
    • "Say Goodbye": Writer
  • The Nylons Play On: Producer, musician, mixer
  • Ivana Santilli TO.NY (Do Right): Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • Manafest Citizens Activ[30] (Tooth&Nail): Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • Manafest The Chase (Tooth&Nail): Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • Manafest Glory[31] (Tooth&Nail): Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • Manafest Epiphany[32] (Tooth&Nail): Writer, producer, musician, mixer
  • Cadence Twenty For One: Producer, musician, mixer
  • Cadence Frost Free: Producer, musician, mixer
  • Room 100 Room 100:[33] Producer, mixer


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