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Alessandra Amoroso

Alessandra Amoroso

born on 12/8/1986 in Galatina, Puglia, Italy

Alessandra Amoroso

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Alessandra Amoroso

Alessandra Amoroso (Italian pronunciation: [alesandra amoroso]) (born 12 August 1986 in Galatina, Lecce) is an Italian pop/soul singer. She was the winner of the 2009 edition of the Italian talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Biography and career

Early career

Since her youth, Amoroso participated in numerous local competitions, obtaining good results.[1] In June 2007 she participated in a contest, Fiori di Pesco, singing the song Amor mio, and placed first among the competitors, and was rewarded by Mogol.[2] When she was seventeen, she participated in the auditions for Amici but she failed.[3]

Amici di Maria De Filippi

Main article: Immobile (Alessandra Amoroso song)

On October 5, 2008, Amoroso passed the audition for the eighth season of Amici di Maria De Filippi, singing the single from Alicia Keys, "If I Ain't Got You". Rudy Zerbi, the chairman of Sony Music Italy, assigned three unpublished singles to Amoroso. She participated in the recording of the compilation disc of the programme, Scialla. "Find a Way" reached the fourth place in the charts, while "Immobile" reached the top position.[4][5] During the program, the singer distinguished herself thanks to her voice: all the teachers, especially Luca Jurman, recognized a sandblasted timbre.[6] On 25 March 2009, Amoroso was proclaimed winner of Amici di Maria De Filippi, winning the first prize of 200,000 euros. On the same evening, she also received the critics' prize, a scholarship worth 50,000 euros. With this money, Amoroso says she will continue to study with voice teacher Luca Jurman.[7]


Main article: Stupida

After presenting the song during the final of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Alessandra released her first single, Stupida on March 27, 2009. The song got a great success and reached the top position in the ranking of the Federation of the Italian Music Industry (FIMI).[8] On April 10, 2009 Sony Music Italy produced her first EP, Stupida. The album became gold in reservation, because of thirty-five thousand copies being ordered.[9] On June 6, 2009 in Verona Alessandra receives two Wind Music Award for the sales of Stupida and the compilation Scialla', both certified multiplatinum.[10] From 3 to 8 May 2009 collaborated with the ADMO, an awareness campaign. The experience let her become on December 29, 2009 an official ADMO testimonial. The same day the singer is undergoing tests at the typing to be entered in the register of bone marrow donors.[11][12] On June 20, 2009 Alexandra starts, after the zero date in Lecce on April 12 of that year, the Stupida Tour, a tour which goes on throughout the summer in different stadium and theatres in Italy, until 22 September 2009.[13] In addition to the various stages of the main tour, Alessandra participates in several other tours, including Radio Norba Battiti Live and Trl On Tour, in addition to the tour organized by Amici di Maria de Filippi.[14][15][16][17] On June 21 she performed at the concert "Amiche per labruzzo", organized by Laura Pausini, at the stadium of San Siro in Milan. From June 19 to September 22, Amoroso pursued a summer tour to promote the Stupida EP on various stages throughout Italy.[18] On August 20 Amoroso recorded, during the Stupida Tour, her sold out concert at Arena Ciccio Franco in Reggio Calabria.[19] Today, Stupida sold over 200,000 copies in Italy, thus obtaining double platinum.[20][21]

Senza nuvole

Main article: Senza nuvole

On September 12, 2009 in Rome - during Reggaexplosion - Alessandra duet with Sud Sound System, an Italian band, thus realizing one of her dreams.[22] On October 3, 2009 she participated in O' Scià, a song event organized by Claudio Baglioni.[23] On July 31, 2009, during the Stupida Tour, Sony officially announced the release date of the first album by Alessandra Amoroso, scheduled for September 25, 2009. The title, announced in the following days, was Senza nuvole. Sony also published a version of the album with an extra DVD containing unreleased scenes of Alessandra in the recording studio and some of summer tour's stages.[24][25] The album was anticipated by the single Estranei a partire da ieri, broadcast on radio from 28 August, with the exception of the RTL 102.5 which broadcast it from August 24. On October 8, presented for the first time the album at the Limelight, in Milan. Fans could watch the concert in 37 selected cinemas across Italy who broadcast the event live via satellite in high definition.[26] The album reached the top position in the ranking of the Federation of the Italian Music Industry, wand held the position for four weeks. Classifica FIMI Album Senza Nuvole. The second single extracted from the album was the title-track Senza nuvole, which was also the soundtrack to Love 14, a film by Federico Moccia.[27] The videoclip of this song was awarded as Best 2009 video in Rome Clip Film Festival on December 10, 2009.[28] From 8 to 29 November 2009, the singer conducted a variety, called Grazie a tutti, with Gianni Morandi. The collaboration with Gianni was not only about television: Alessandra, in fact, recorded a duet with him, contained in his album Canzoni da non perdere, titled Credo nell'amore.[29] Since November 2009, Alexandra is promoting Aiutiamo Francesco, a charity initiative for a seven year old boy suffering from periventricular leukomalacia.[30][31] On November 18, 2009, it was published an unofficial biography of Alessandra for Fanucci Editore, written by Angelo Gregoris and Alessandra Celentano, while in December 2009 Alessandra recorded, along with other artists, including J Ax and Marracash, a Christmas jingle for Radio Deejay, entitled Questo natale.[32][33][34] From January 21, 2010 to March 13, 2010 Alessandra was busy with the winter tour, called Senza Nuvole Live Tour.[35] On January 22, 2010 a new single was extracted by the album: Mi sei venuto a cercare tu.[36] During the third and fourth bet of the Sanremo Festival in 2010, Alessandra crowd the stage at the Ariston Theatre just to sing with Valerio Scanu, the festival winner.[37] On April 2, 2010 it was extracted the fourth and last single by the album: Arrivi tu, which became one of the hit of summer 2010.[38] On May 8, 2010 Alessandra participated in TRL Awards 2010, because of the two nominations she received for the category MTV TRL First Lady and My Trl Best Video.[39] Alessandra also participated in Wind Music Awards 2010, winning an award thank to the sales of Senza nuvole.[40] From 4 July 2010 to 12 September 2010 Alessandra was busy with the summer tour, called Un'Estate Senza Nuvole Live Tour.[41] The first album of Alessandra Amoroso sold 210,000 copies, and because of this was certified triple platinum.[21][42]

Il mondo in un secondo

Main article: Il mondo in un secondo

On July 15, 2010 Sony Music Italy officially announced the second album of Alessandra Amoroso. The title, Il mondo in un secondo, was announced on the official forum of the singer on August 29, 2010. The album release date, September 28, 2010, was communicated on August 30 on Sony's official website.[43] The album was anticipated from the single La mia storia con te on September 1, 2010.[44] Radio started broadcasting the single on September 3, 2010. The song got a very good success: it becaome one of the ten more-listened tracks in radio, while - about digital download it reached the second position of the most downloaded singles chart drawn by FIMI. La mia storia con te was also chosen as the soundtrack for La figlia di Elisa 2, an Italian film.[45]

Cinque passi in più

Alessandra announced in late September 2011 that she was working about a new project of live about and she confirmed that it was ready just to the end of that year, in Dicembre. Comes out November 4, 2011 E' vero che vuoi restare, the single who anticipates the release of about a month the live album "Cinque passi in più" containing a cd with 5 new songs and a live cd with the concert that Alessandra kept in Milano on 22 December in 2010 at Mediolanum Forum of Assago. A Deluxe Version of the album containing a DVD of the concert and backstage scenes, five postcards, photo of Alessandra and a 36 page-booklet is also available. On January 20, 2012 the second single from the album was published, titled Ti Aspetto. It's videoclip, filmed in London, was available on March, 14. In Italy the album sold more of 120,000 copies and it got the double platinum certification.

Musical influences

Alessandra Amoroso has repeatedly stated that her favorite kinds of music are the black, soul, R&B and gospel, which represent the sandblasted timbre of the singer.[46][47] Luca Jurman, at the entrance of Alessandra in Amici di Maria De Filippi, saying "Alessandra is the new Anita Baker" associated her timbre to that of the renowned R&B singer.[48]

Awards and competitions


  • Winner of the competition and Criticism prize Amici di Maria De Filippi[47]
  • Double disc of platinum for the ep Stupida[20][21]
  • Wind Music Award for the sales of the compilation Scialla and ep Stupida (multiplatinum)[10]


  • Disc of platinum for the song Immobile[49]
  • Disc of gold for the song Senza nuvole[49]
  • Triple disc of platinum for the album Senza nuvole[21][42]
  • Wind Music Award for the sales of the album Senza nuvole (multiplatinum)[40]
  • Disc of gold for the song La mia storia con te[50]
  • Double disc of platinum for the album Il mondo in un secondo (multiplatinum)[51]


  • Wind Music Award for the sales of the album Il mondo in un secondo (multiplatinum)[52]


  • Double disc of platinum for the album Cinque passi in più



  • 2009 - Senza nuvole ( ITA : 3x Platinum 180,000+) [21][42]
  • 2010 - Il mondo in un secondo ( ITA : 3x Platinum 180,000+)[21]
  • 2011 - Cinque passi in più ( ITA : 2x Platinum 120,000+)
  • 2013 - Amore Puro ( ITA: Platinum 60.000+ )


  • 2009 - Stupida ( ITA : 3x Platinum 180,000+)[20][21]
  • 2012 - Ancora di più - Cinque passi in più


Year Song Peak positions
ITA[53] CH[54]
2009 Immobile 1 -
Stupida 1 64
Estranei a partire da ieri 6 -
Senza nuvole 6 -
2010 Mi sei venuto a cercare tu Airplay 39 -
Arrivi tu 38 -
La mia storia con te 2 -
Urlo e non mi senti 27 -
2011 Niente Airplay 36 -
Dove sono i colori Airplay 54 -
È vero che vuoi restare 13 -
2012 Ti aspetto 51 -
Ciao 11 -
2013 Amore puro 4 -
Fuoco d'artificio - -


Year Videoclip Director Length
2009 Stupida Gaetano Morbioli 3 min : 37 sec
Estranei a partire da ieri 4 min : 08 sec
Senza nuvole Pat Marrone 3 min : 48 sec
2010 Arrivi tu Gaetano Morbioli 3 min : 37 sec
La mia storia con te Jansen & Basile 3 min : 51 sec
Urlo e non mi senti Marco Salomon e Saku 3 min : 39 sec
2011 Niente 3 min : 25 sec
Dove sono i colori Marco Salomon e Saku 3 min : 51 sec
È vero che vuoi restare Marco Salomon e Saku 3 min : 50 sec
2012 Ti aspetto 3 min : 40 sec


Year Song Featuring Album
2009 Credo nell'amore[55] Gianni Morandi Canzoni da non perdere
Un solo mondo[56] Claudio Baglioni Q.P.G.A.
Questo natale[57] Deejay All Stars[58] Questo natale
2010 Maniac Neri per Caso Donne


Year Song Compilation
2009 Find A Way Scialla
Stella incantevole
Senza nuvole Amore 14 Compilation
Stupida Strike!
2010 Radio Italia Estate
Estranei a partire da ieri Radio Bruno compilation
Arrivi tu TRL On the Road Compilation


Guest appearance


  • 2009
    • Stupida tour
  • 2010
    • Senza Nuvole Live Tour
    • Un'Estate Senza Nuvole Live Tour
  • 2011
    • Il mondo in un secondo tour
    • Il mondo in un secondo summer tour??
Others tour, in Italy, with Alessandra's participation
  • 2009: Amici tour, Radionorba Battiti live tour 2009, TRL - Total Request Live on tour 2009, Grazie a tutti tour of Gianni Morandi, Radio Italia Live Tour 2009, Radio Bruno Live Tour
  • 2010: Radionorba Battiti live tour 2010


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