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Boz Boorer

Boz Boorer

born on 19/5/1962 in Edgware, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Boz Boorer

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Boz Boorer

Boz Boorer (born Martin James Boorer, 19 May 1962 in Edgware, Middlesex) is a British guitarist and producer most known for his work founding the new wave rockabilly group, The Polecats, and later for his work as a co-writer, guitarist and musical director with Morrissey.

The Polecats

The band "Cult Heroes" was formed in 1977 by Tim Worman (a.k.a. Tim Polecat, vocalist), Boz Boorer (guitarist and vocalist), Phil Bloomberg (bassist), and Chris Hawkes (drummer). After finding much difficulty persuading promoters to book them on the rockabilly circuit with a name sounding "too punk", they adopted Hawkes' suggested band name The Polecats. Hawkes was later replaced by Neil Rooney. Three years after forming, the band signed to the fledgling British rockabilly record label Nervous Records, and released the single "Rockabilly Guy" in 1979.

By 1980 the Polecats had signed to Mercury Records. That same year they released their most successful LP, Polecats Are Go! The band had UK chart success with a David Bowie cover "John, I'm Only Dancing", a reworking of "Rockabilly Guy", and another cover version of the T.Rex song "Jeepster". In 1983, they entered the charts in the United States with their song "Make a Circuit With Me." Shortly after this, John Buck replaced Neil Rooney on drums. Boorer left the group but in the 80's but led a Polecats reunion in 1989, which produced a live album and a new studio set. Raucous Records released a compilation album of Boz Boorer's work entitled Between The Polecats in early 2001. The band continue to tour when time permits, with the most recent gigs being in The Thomas House, Dublin, Ireland in 2011.[1][2]


Boorer, along with guitarist Alain Whyte, joined Morrissey in 1991 when the singer assembled a new band tour in promotion of his album Kill Uncle. Along with Whyte, he is credited with successfully synthesizing jangle pop and American rockabilly to create a new sound for Morrissey that helped to revitalize his career.[3][4] Since 1991, Boorer has worked not only as one of Morrissey's co-writers and guitarists but as the "musical director" of the band as well.

Solo career and other work

Boorer has also found the time to release solo material between his recording and touring. In 2008 Boorer released the album Miss Pearl. Besides having a solo career, writing and playing for Morrissey and touring occasionally with the Polecats, Boorer has also worked with other artists, including Adam Ant, Kirsty MacColl, Joan Armatrading, Jools Holland, and Edwyn Collins. He also worked with his wife's band the Shillelagh Sisters between 1983 and 1998.

In 2009 Boz produced the debut EP by Tiguana Bibles, "Child of the Moon". Boz and Lyn also own a studio in Portugal, Serra Vista Studio which has been extremely busy in 2010. In the Summer of 2010 Boorer recorded, produced and mixed Portuguese garage/blues/rock band Murdering Tripping Blues' second album "Share the Fire".

In August 2012 Boz released his fourth solo album "Some of the Parts" and the single "Slippery Forces" on Fabrique Records. The song "Saunders Ferry Lane" features the vocals of James Maker, "Sunday Morning Coming Down" is a cover of the Kris Kristofferson song, John Moore (of Black Box Recorder, The Jesus and Mary Chain) appears as a special guest on diverse instruments.

Personal life

Boorer has been married to Lyn for 23 years. They have been together since 1981 and have two daughters: Pearl-May and Billie-Rose.[5]

Songwriting credits with Morrissey

  • "Now My Heart Is Full", "Spring-Heeled Jim", "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get", "Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning", and "Speedway" from Vauxhall and I
  • "The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils" and "Reader Meet Author" from Southpaw Grammar
  • "Maladjusted", "Ammunition", and "Satan Rejected My Soul" from Maladjusted
  • "Come Back to Camden", "I'm Not Sorry", "The World is Full of Crashing Bores" and "I Like You", from You Are the Quarry.
  • "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris", "That's How People Grow Up", "Black Cloud" and "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" from Years of Refusal.
  • "Jack the Ripper", "Christian Dior", "Mexico", "Noise is the Best Revenge", "The Public Image", "The Slum Mums" and "You've Had Her" are tracks that appeared on B-sides of Morrissey singles.


The Polecats

  • "Rockabilly Guy" (1979)
  • "John I'm Only Dancing" (1981) #35 UK
  • "Rockabilly Guy" #35 UK
  • "Jeepster" #53 UK
  • "Make A Circuit With Me" (1983) #76 UK

Shillelagh Sisters

  • "Give Me My Freedom" (1984) UK #100.
  • "Passion Fruit" (1984) UK #140


  • "Pregnant for the Last Time" (1991) UK#25
  • "My Love Life" (1991) UK#29
  • "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful" (1992) UK#17
  • "You're the One for Me, Fatty" (1992) UK#19
  • "Tomorrow" (1992)
  • "Certain People I Know" (1992) UK#35
  • "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get" (1994) UK#8
  • "Hold on to Your Friends" (1994) UK#47
  • "Now My Heart Is Full" (1994)
  • "Boxers" (1995) UK#23
  • "Dagenham Dave" (1995) UK#26
  • "The Boy Racer" (1995) UK#36
  • "Sunny" (1995) UK#42
  • "Alma Matters" (1997) UK#16
  • "Roy's Keen" (1997) UK#42
  • "Satan Rejected My Soul" (1997) UK#39
  • "Irish Blood, English Heart" (2004) UK#3
  • "First of the Gang to Die" (2004) UK#6
  • "Let Me Kiss You" (2004) UK#8
  • "I Have Forgiven Jesus" (2004) UK#10
  • "You Have Killed Me" UK#3
  • "The Youngest Was the Most Loved" UK#14
  • "In the Future When All's Well" UK#17
  • "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" UK#16
  • "That's How People Grow Up" UK#14
  • All You Need Is Me UK#24
  • "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" (2009)

Written by Boorer


  • "Slippery Forces" (2012)


The Polecats

  • Polecats are Go! (1981)
  • Live in Hamburg (1981)
  • Cult Heroes (1984)
  • Live and Rockin' (1989)
  • Won't Die (1996)
  • Nine (1997)
  • Pink Noise (1999)
  • The Best of the Polecats (2000)
  • Rockabilly Guys: The Best of the Polecats (2001)
  • Not Nervous! Rare 1980 Demos Remastered (2006)
  • Rockabilly Cats (2008)

Shillelagh Sisters

  • Tyrannical Mex (1993)
  • Sham'Rock & Roll (2002)


  • Your Arsenal (1992)
  • Vauxhall and I (1994)
  • Southpaw Grammar (1995)
  • Maladjusted (1997)
  • You Are the Quarry (2004)
  • Ringleader of the Tormentors (2006)
  • Years of Refusal (2009)

John's Children

  • John's Children: Black & White (2011, Acid Jazz AJXCD 234)[6][7]


  • Between the Polecats (2001)
  • My Wild Life (2003)
  • Miss Pearl (2008)
  • Some of the Parts (2012)


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