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Louis Biancaniello

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Louis John Biancaniello is an R&B, dance, pop rock, soul music songwriter, record producer, and musician.[1]


Louis' skills were developed while working alongside producer Narada Michael Walden with whom he produced hits for Shanice I Love Your Smile, Whitney Houston I'm Every Woman from the Grammy winning album The Bodyguard and All the Man That I Need, Tevin Campbell Tell Me What You Want Me to Do, Elton John "True Love", Lisa Fischer "How Can I Ease The Pain", Al Jarreau the Grammy winning "Heaven and Earth", and various other tracks from artist such as Mariah Carey, The O'Jay's, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Taylor Dayne, and Al Green.

On December 6, 2007, Biancaniello was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards: Best R&B Song for his songwriting credits on "When I See U" and Best Contemporary R&B Album of the year for his production credits on "Fantasia". In April 2008 "Take a Bow" and "Yesterday" were released on Leona Lewis's debut album titled "Spirit".


Biancaniello is often known to work with Sam Watters. The pair have written and produced hits for Jessica Simpson "I Wanna Love You Forever", for Alexia "You need love", the #1 single "I Believe", performed by Fantasia Barrino, the #1 singles "I'm Outta Love" and "One Day In You Life" performed by Anastacia. Recently the two have had chart success with Fantasia's #1 Billboard R&B hit "When I See You", Natasha Bedingfield's top 10 "Love Like This", Jordin Sparks top 10 "Battlefield" and Kelly Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted". Recent releases also include tracks on new Multi Platinum Artist Leona Lewis and Westlife's 3X Platinum "Back Home". They are also known for their work with Keri Hilson, Celine Dion, Marc Anthony, Lara Fabian, 98 Degrees, Color Me Badd, Elliott Yamin and Tamyra Gray. In 2010, Biancaniello and Watters met the artist Matthew Koma [45][46]. Biancaniello and Watters began working with Matthew Koma, and eventually signed him to their production company, London Police. Matthew Koma has enjoyed early success with guest vocals on Spectrum by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma, and Years by Alesso featuring Matthew Koma, both of which reached #1 on Beatport. Koma opened for LMFAO on their international tour.

In 2011, Biancaniello and Watters signed their 2nd artist, Marley Munroe. In January, 2012, they signed her to Epic Records through their London Police imprint. Her debut is scheduled for 2013. Biancaniello is managed by Darren Gilmore of Watchdog Management.

The Runaways

In addition to his solo projects, Louis has joined forces with producers/songwriters Sam Watters, Rico Love, and Wayne Wilkins to form the writing and production team The Runaways. Together they wrote and produced "Love Like This" by Natasha Bedingfield featuring Sean Kingston on Natasha Bedingfield's Pockets Full of Sunshine album), which reached number ten on the Pop 100 charts, number ten on the Top 40 Mainstream charts, and number one on the Hot Dance Club Play charts. in 2008 they released Keri Hilson's first single, "Energy" off of her debut album In A Perfect World... which is currently climbing the charts. The single is being re-released in the UK for 2009. The Runaways produced and wrote the 2009 hit "Battlefield" for Jordin Sparks. Biancaniello co-produced Lemar's second single, "Weight of the World", from his fourth album The Reason with Jim Jonsin. Biancaniello and Watters produced four and wrote and produced three songs including the title cut on Kelly Clarkson's 2009 "All I Ever Wanted" album.

In 2009 Louis and Sam wrote and produced the first single "Forever Is Over" for UK girl group The Saturdays, with James Bourne. They also wrote and produced two songs on Alexandra Burke's debut album "Overcome", including the title track, and "Rain On Me" on Cheryl Cole's debut, and wrote and produced two songs and produced a third on Westlife's "Where We Are" album. The year also saw the pair co-write and produce nine songs for Universal Republic's new artist Kate Earl.


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