Take Me Home

Daniel Kandlbauer

Take Me Home


Interpreten Pele Loriano (background voice, guitars, keyboards, programming)
Patrik "Kiss" Meier (bass)
Christian Andreas Kyburz (drums)
Cyrill Camenzind (percussion, guitars)
Kandlbauer (background voice, vocals)
Patrick Meier
Christian Kyburz

Urheber Daniel Kandlbauer Georg Schlunegger David Jr. Campbell David Campbell

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2007


The Shades Of Light

Kandlbauer, Daniel Kandlbauer, Ken Hensley

The Shades Of Light

Label Universal Music Switzerland / 175 994-0

Produktionsjahr 2007

1. The World Is Changing
2. Lost Or Found
4. Dream On
5. Keep A Light On
6. The Light Is Shining On You
8. Lost In You (Remake)
9. Don't Abandon Me
10. Fallling Away
11. The Reason Within
12. Power On Ice (Bonus Track)