The Way You Look At Me

Mike & The Mechanics

The Way You Look At Me


Interpreten Mike + The Mechanics
Mike Rutherford (electric guitar, Elektrischer Bass)
Paul Carrack (keyboard, vocals)
Paul Young (vocals)
Peter Van Hooke (drums)
Adrian Lee (keyboard)
Tim Renwick (electric guitar)
Steve Piggot (keyboard)
Phil Todd (saxophone)
Martin Ditcham (percussion)
Pino Palladino (Elektrischer Bass)
Ian Wherry (keyboard)

Urheber Mike Rutherford Paul Carrack

Aufnahmedatum 1991


Word Of Mouth

Mike + The Mechanics

Word Of Mouth

Label Virgin / 261 476

Produktionsjahr 1991

1. Get up   
2. Word of mouth   
3. A time and place   
4. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow   
6. Everybody gets a second chance   
7. Stop Baby   
8. My crime of passion   
9. Let's pretend it didn't happen   
10. Before (The next heartache falls)