Have I Told You Lately

Rod Stewart

Have I Told You Lately


Interpreten Rod Stewart (vocals)

Urheber Van Morrison Bruce Miller

Aufnahmedatum ca. 1991


If We Fall In Love Tonight

Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams

If We Fall In Love Tonight

Label Dance Street Records / 9362-46460-2

Produktionsjahr 1996

2. For the first time   
3. When I need you   
4. Sometimes when we touch
5. Tonight's the night (gonna be alright)
6. I don't want to talk about it
8. Broken arrow
9. Forever young (1996)
10. You're in my heart (the final acclaim)
11. My heart can't tell you no
12. The first cut is the deepest
13. Sailing
14. Downtown train
15. Tom Traubert's blues
The Three Musketeers (1993) (Film)
16. All for love