Bring Me Back To Life

Urs Wiesendanger feat. Dhenibe Romea

Bring Me Back To Life


Interpreten Urs Wiesendanger (percussion, keyboard, bass, drum, programming)
Dhenibe Romea (vocals)
Dominik Ruegg (guitars)
John "JR" Robinson (drums)
Thierry Condor (background voice)
Sabina Stokes (background voice)

Urheber Jay Graydon Don Breithaupt

Aufnahmedatum ca. 2017


Breakfast in Paris

Urs Wiesendanger, Dhenibe Romea, G-Sax, Thierry Condor, Claudio Cervino, Tom Beek

Breakfast in Paris

Label NiRo Sounds / s.n.

Produktionsjahr 2018

1. Breakfast In Paris
3. Remembrance
4. Dear George
5. Traveling Heart
6. Love Is All We Have
7. Driving To L.A.
8. Carlton Hotel
9. You Can Turn It Around
10. Deed To My Heart
11. Grace