Bobby Brown Goes Down

Frank Zappa

Bobby Brown Goes Down


Interpreten Frank Zappa (vocals, guitar)
Adrian Belew (vocals, guitar)
Tommy Mars (keyboard, vocals)
Peter Wolf (keyboard)
Patrick O'Hearn (e-bass, vocals, Elektrischer Bass)
Terry Bozzio (Drums, vocals, drums)
Ed Mann (percussion, vocals, Percussion)
Napoleon M. Brock (background voice)
Andre Lewis (background voice)
Randy Thornton (background voice)
Davey Moire (background voice)
Peter Wolf (keyboard)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (background voice)

Urheber Frank Zappa

Aufnahmedatum 1979


Sheik Yerbouti

Frank Zappa, Dave Moire, Terry Bozzio

Sheik Yerbouti

Label Zappa Records / CDZAP 28

Produktionsjahr 1990

1. I Have Been In You   
2. Flakes   
3. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes   
4. I'm So Cute
5. Jones Crusher   
6. What Ever Happened To All The Fun In The World   
7. Rat Tomago   
8. We'Ve Got To Get Into Something Real (Wait A Minute)
10. Rubber Shirt   
11. The Sheik Yerbouti Tango   
12. Baby Snakes   
13. Tryin' To Grow A Chin = Tryin' to grow a chin   
14. City Of Tiny Lights   
15. Dancin' Fool = Dancin' fool   
16. Jewish Princess   
17. Wild Love   
18. Yo' Mama = Yo' mama