Nicolas "Nick" van Eede

Nicolas "Nick" van Eede

geboren am 14.6.1958 in Cuckfield, Sussex, England, Grossbritannien

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Nick Van Eede

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Nick Van Eede

Nick Van Eede (born Nicholas Eede, 14 June 1958) is an English musician, producer, and songwriter. He is best known for singing and writing the 1987 U.S. #1 power ballad hit "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" for his band Cutting Crew.



While working as a hospital orderly in the late 1970s, Van Eede was discovered playing by the ex-Animal Chas Chandler, who sent him on a tour of Poland as support for Slade. Van Eede was only 18 when sent on the road. He recalls "I went with a kazoo and an acoustic guitar and opened for Slade in amphitheatres in front of 18,000 people. I went down as a storm and had the loudest kazoo in Europe, because Slade took their own PA on the road!" His career continued with tours supporting headliners like David Essex, Hot Chocolate and Alan Price.

During that time, Van Eede released five solo singles between 1978 and 1980,[1] but none of them charted in the UK Singles Chart. The first three were:

  • "Rock 'n' Roll Fool" b/w "Ounce Of Sense"
  • "All Or Nothing" b/w "Hold On To Your Heart"
  • "I Only Want To Be Number One" b/w "Dicing"

All were issued by Barn Records.

The Drivers (1981-1983)

He formed The Drivers with friends Mac Norman and Steve Boorer. In the early 1980s they signed with a record label in Canada. They had a couple of hits there with "Tears On Your Anorak" and "Talk All Night", plus an album Short Cuts. They had a support band called Fast Forward, whose line up included guitarist Kevin MacMichael. Van Eede was impressed with MacMichael's guitar playing that he asked him to form a new band with him, however he could not commit at that time. After a final single release with "Things", a Bobby Darin cover version, The Drivers split in 1983.

Cutting Crew (1985-1992)

Whilst Kevin MacMichael was with Fast Forward, the band was involved in an auto accident which left all of the members except MacMichael unable to continue touring. Ready to begin working with Van Eede, MacMichael moved to London, where the two of them gave themselves one year to sign a recording contract. They recruited drummer Martin "Frosty" Beedle, previously a member of the cabaret band on the QE2, and bass player Colin Farley, a session musician living in Spain. Van Eede came up with the band's name after reading an article in the British rock magazine, Sounds, which described the band Queen as a "cutting crew," which means when the band did not play concerts and instead stayed in the studio recording new songs.

In 1985, Cutting Crew staged a showcase at a London recording studio for representatives from numerous labels, and won a recording contract with Siren Records, part of Virgin Records.

The first single to be released by the band was "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" b/w "For The Longest Time" released in the UK in August 1986. After an appearance on the BBC Television show, Top Of The Pops, with the song being regularly played on the radio and music videos shown on TV, the single shot up to number 4 in the UK Singles Chart and in May 1987 was number 1 in America for two weeks (Virgin's first Number 1 single in America). In total, the song went to Number 1 in 19 Countries. This would be their biggest hit single. Van Eede came up with the title and concept for "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" after making love with his (at the time) girlfriend. "I actually remember saying that," he admitted, and promptly jotted a note on a pad he always kept close at hand.

The next single, "I've Been In Love Before" b/w "Life In A Dangerous Time" failed to break in the UK on its first release in November 1986 but was quickly released again to reach #50 in the charts. The album Broadcast was released shortly, when it reached 41 in the UK Albums Chart.

Genesis audition (1996)

After Cutting Crew's demise, Van Eede went on to write and produce for other artists, including producing the original demo of Cher's hit "Believe". In 1996, he auditioned for the job as the new lead singer of Genesis. After Phil Collins's departure, he auditioned along with numerous others. After impressing both Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford in earlier auditions, it came down to the last two being Van Eede and the former Stiltskin singer Ray Wilson. Eventually the job was offered to Wilson, who accepted.

Map of the World

On the 2001 Marillion album "Anoraknophobia" Van Eede is co credited with writing the song "Map of the World" with singer Steve Hogarth.

The return of Cutting Crew (2005)

A new album originally entitled Grinning Souls was released by Cutting Crew. Van Eede also appeared on the ITV show Hit Me Baby One More Time, on which he performed "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" and a cover version of Macy Gray's hit "I Try". He then embarked on tour with his new line-up: Gareth Moulton (guitar), Sam Flynn (keyboards), Dominic Finley (bass) and Tom Arnold (drums). They toured in the UK (which included the 'Here & Now 2008 Tour'), Germany, Trinidad and the United States.



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