David "Dave" Stead

geboren am 15.10.1966 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Grossbritannien

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Dave Stead

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David "Steady" Stead (born David Stead, 15 October 1966, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England) was the drummer for the alternate pop / rock band, The Beautiful South.[1]

Life and career

He moved to Cottingham, a village on the outskirts of Hull with his mother, and brothers and sisters after his parents split up.

His older brother Mick introduced Stead to his punk record collection, and soon the pair started a band, "The Luddites", with sixteen-year-old Stead on drums and Mark Fell (1962 - 1984) on bass. The band released two singles, "Doppelganger" and "Altered States" on Eccentric Records.

He left Cottingham High school at sixteen and worked as an electrical fitter, but hated it so much he gave up the career after a few years. He then got a part-time job doing sound engineering at the nearby alternative live music club - The Adelphi.

When The Luddites ran out of steam, Stead joined a band called "Vicious Circle." Soon afterwards, in August 1988, Stead joined The Beautiful South. He featured on thirteen albums with the band.

Stead has business interests in the Boars Nest restaurant in Hull, and promoted a proposed music festival in Huddersfield called "Song 07". The event ended up being cancelled, although future festivals are not ruled out.


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