Frank Esler-Smith

geboren am 5.6.1948 in London, England, Grossbritannien

gestorben am 1.3.1991 in Melbourne, Australien

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Frank Esler-Smith

aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

Frank Esler-Smith (born 5 June 1948 in London, England,[1] died 1 March 1991[2] in Melbourne, Australia[3]) was an arranger and keyboard player for the soft rock band Air Supply in the 1970s and during their 1980s heyday.[4]

Initially, his pursuits lay elsewhere, as he attended Melbourne University to study architecture. However, his early passion had been classical music, and he would later gain extensive experience as an orchestral conductor in settings as variegated as musical theatre and rock recordings. He first met principal Air Supply members Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell while he was working with the orchestra in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar that included Hitchcock and Russell as castmembers. He collaborated with many other musicians and songwriters throughout his career.[3]

He died of pneumonia in 1991. According to the website, Esler-Smith also had AIDS.[5]


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