Grant Serpell

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Grant Serpell

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Grant Serpell

Grant Serpell (born Stephen Grant Serpell, 4 February 1944) was a member of several bands during the 1960s and 1970s, including Affinity and Sailor, and was an encouraging influence over two of the members of The Hoosiers while being their chemistry teacher[1] at Waingels College.

Serpell enjoyed a revival of Sailor's success, which started in the early 1990s. Until retiring in 2011, he toured the UK and Europe with the band.[2]

Personal life

Serpell married Michelle Kingsland on 1 October 1966. In 1967, she gave birth to the couple's first child, Edmund Charles, followed nearly two years later by their second child, Charlotte Anna.


While studying for a degree in Chemistry from the University of Sussex, Serpell became involved with the musical scene and founded The Jazz Quartet, and he played with the University of Sussex Jazz Trio (known as The U.S. Jazz Trio). After graduating, Serpell joined a band called Ice, and then Affinity, before joining Sailor, the band that has provided him with the most fame.

In 1985, during Sailor's quieter times, Serpell became a Chemistry teacher at Waingels Copse Comprehensive School (now Waingels College), where he became head of the department. While at Waingels College he taught Irwin Sparkes of The Hoosiers and, after hearing a demo from Irwin and Alphonso Sharland, encouraged them to experience life a little more to help provide inspiration for their songs.[3]

Grant Serpell retired from Sailor in 2011 and was followed by band member Henry Marsh's son Thomas Marsh.[4]


Albums with Affinity

  • Affinity (1970)

Albums with Sailor

  • Sailor (1974)
  • Trouble (1975)
  • The Third Step (1976)
  • Checkpoint (1977)
  • Greatest Hits Vol.1 (1978)
  • Hideaway (1978)
  • Girls,Girls,Girls - The Very Best Of (1990)
  • Sailor (1991)
  • Street Lamp (1992)
  • Hits And Highlights (1994)
  • Greatest Hits - Best of the Best -2xCD- (1995)
  • Greatest Hits - Best of the Best (1995)
  • Legacy: Greatest and Latest (1996) – compilation album
  • The Very Best of Sailor (1997) – new studio versions of back-catalogue songs
  • Live In Berlin (1998)
  • Girls Girls Girls (1999)
  • Girls Girls Girls - The Very Best of (2001)
  • Greatest and Latest (2001)
  • Live in Berlin (2002) – re-released as A Glass of Champagne (2003)
  • Sailor (2002)
  • Girls Girls Girls - The Very Best of (2003)
  • A Glass of Champagne (2003)
  • Live Piracy Copy - DVD - (2003)
  • Live In Concert - DVD - (2004)
  • Down By The Docks (2005)
  • Greatest Hits - Live (2005)
  • Sailor Live (2005)
  • Sailor Live - One Drink Too Many - double album - (2005)
  • Sailor: Buried Treasure - double album - (2006)
  • A Glass of Champagne - Live (2006)
  • Buried Treasure - The Sailor Anthology (2007)


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