Ferenc Nemeth

geboren 1976 in Keszthely, Zala, Ungarn

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Ferenc Nemeth

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Ferenc Nemeth (born 1976) is a Hungarian jazz drummer, and composer.


Nemeth was born in Keszthely, Hungary. At 14 he left home to study classical percussion at the Richter János Conservatory in Gyr. He also attended the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and received a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music. He later studied at the New England Conservatory in their graduate program. In 2001 he was accepted into the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz and studied there until 2003. He has played with musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Christian McBride, John Patitucci, Terence Blanchard, John Abercrombie, Joshua Redman, Dave Samuels, Mark Turner, Ron McClure, Chris Cheek, Aaron Goldberg, Eli Degibri, Illayaraja and many more. He is also a member of Gilfema with Lionel Loueke and Massimo Biolcati. Nemeth's "Night Songs" was nominated for the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards for Jazz Album of the year.




  • Night Songs, Dreamer's Collective Records (2007) w/ Mark Turner-s, Chris Cheek-s, Lionel Loueke-g, Aaron Parks-p, John Patitucci-b
  • Javier Vercher-Ferenc Nemeth: Wheel of Time, Fresh Sound (2007) w/ Javier Vercher-s, Lionel Loueke-g, Chip Taylor-v
  • Triumph, Dreamers Collective Records (2012) w/Joshua Redman-s, Kenny Werner-p, Lionel Loueke-g.
  • Javier Vercher-Ferenc Nemeth: Imaginary Realm, Dreamers Collective Records (2013) w/Javier Vercher-s, David Kikoski-p


  • Gilfema + 2, ObliqSound (October 2008), w/ Lionel Loueke-g, Massimo Biolcati-b and guest clarinetists Anat Cohen and John Ellis
  • Gilfema, ObliqSound (2005) w/ Lionel Loueke-g, Massimo Biolcati-b


  • Spray. Drops. (The Drops Music), 2013
  • Neethaane En Ponvasantham. Ilaiyaraaja. (Sony), 2012
  • Medicine Babies. No Surrender. (ZerOKilled), 2011
  • Free Forever. Omer Avital. (Smalls), 2011
  • Mwaliko. Lionel Loueke. (Blue Note), 2010
  • Contribution. Daniel Szabo Trio Meets Chris Potter. (BMC), 2009
  • Spirit of the Mountains. Federico Casagrande Trio. (Dodicilune), 2009
  • Arigato (Aligato). Mari Tochi Band. (Ind), 2009
  • Alterego. Kristof Bacso Q. (BMC), 2008
  • Dancando Com Ale. Greg Diamond. (Chasm Records), 2008
  • School of Enlightenment. Francisco Pais. (Product of Imagination), 2008
  • Blood and thunder. Aaron Irwin. (Fresh Sound), 2008
  • I Want to Be Happy. Jo Lawry. (Fleurieu Music), 2008
  • Tom Beckham: Rebound, Apria Records (2008)
  • Elio Villafranca Quartet: The Source In Between, Ceiba Tree Music (2008)
  • Lionel Loueke: Karibu, Blue Note Records(2008)
  • Lionel Loueke: Virgin Forest, ObliqSound (2006)
  • Luca Lo Bianco: La Scomparsa di Majorana, Silta Records (2006)
  • Greg Lamy: What Are You Afraid Of? (2006)
  • Compilation: The ObliqSound Remixes Vol. 2, ObliqSound (2006)
  • Felly K: Far Away, Argus Film and Art (2006)
  • Francisco Pais Quintet: Not Afraid of Color, Fresh Sound (2006)
  • Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee Quintet: Borrowed Time, Fresh Sound (2005)
  • Grand Pianoramax: Grand Pianoramax, ObliqSound (2004)
  • Kalman Olah Trio: Contrasts & Parallels, MA Recordings (2003)
  • Olivier Manchon Quartet: En Route... (2003)
  • Sebastian Noelle Quartet: Freedom Trail (2002)
  • Francesco Guaiana Trio: Nojaz, Exaudi Records (2002)
  • Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee Quintet: Previous Misconceptions (2001)
  • Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival feat. Terence Blanchard & Dave Grusin (2001)
  • Martin Buergi feat. Dave Samuels: The End of a Love Affair, Altrisuoni (2001)
  • Pal Vasvari feat. Dave Samuels & Alex Acuna: Tales of The Princess, Partizan Records (2001)
  • Berklee Studio Production Projects, Berklee (2000)
  • Michael Cohen: Michael Cohen (2000)
  • Ben Adams Quartet: The Figured Wheel, Tonic Productions Corp. (2000)
  • Seung-Hee Han: With Every Breath I Take (1999)
  • Janos Egri: Moods, Infoimpress (1998)
  • Som Lajos & Zavodi Janos: Szaz Ev Zene, Royal Records (1997)
  • In Line feat. Dave Samuels: Twins, Royal Records (1996)


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