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Cocoon (band)

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Cocoon (band)

Cocoon is a French pop folk band from Clermont-Ferrand that sings in English. They were founded in 2006 by Mark Daumail (born 6 December 1984) and keyboardist Morgane Imbeaud (born 14 April 1987). On stage they are generally accompanied by Raphaël Séguinier (drums) and Oliver Smith (bass).


My Friends all Died in a Plane Crash (2007)

The band's first album, My Friends all Died in a Plane Crash, was released on October 22, 2007. It proved to be an international commercial and critical success[1] selling over 100,000 copies and certified platinum in France.[2][3]

World tour and Where the Oceans End (2009-2010)

After their first album, Cocoon released the live CD/DVD, Back to Panda Mountain, on September 7, 2009. Following the release of a live CD/DVD, they went on a world tour, dubbed the "Baby Panda Tour". In April 2010, the band started to record their second studio album, Where the Oceans End.[4]



  • My Friends all Died in a Plane Crash (2007)
  • Where the Oceans End (2010)


  • I Hate Birds (2006)
  • From Panda Mountains (2007)


  • "On My Way" September 2007
  • "Chupee" November 2008
  • "Owls" (live version) October 2009
  • "Comets" September 2010


  • Back to Panda Mountains (2009)


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