Peter Svensson

geboren am 18.10.1974 in Jönköping, Schweden

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Peter Svensson

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Anders Peter Svensson (born 18 October 1974, in Jönköping, Sweden) is a guitarist with the band, The Cardigans.[1][2]

His role in the group is as a guitarist and composer, but he also plays keyboard, vibraphone, and bass guitar, plus he provides some backing vocals. Peter uses a variety of guitars but his favorite guitars nowadays are a Fender Jazzmaster, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster and an Epiphone Crestwood. He is sponsored by Line6 and uses a VettaII amp.

His earlier musical experience included a few hard rock bands in his early teens. After that, it consisted of playing with a couple of bands with Magnus Sveningsson, a few years before The Cardigans formed. He started The Cardigans with Sveningsson in October 1992.

He has a sister, and lists his other interests as "anything musical".

He produced a cover version of Red House Painters' song "Cruiser", the original version featuring on the album Old Ramon.

He also released a solo album under the alias "PAUS"

He lives with TV presenter Ulrika Eriksson (formerly of MTV), and they have a son.


The Cardigans
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Studio albums: Emmerdale · Life · First Band on the Moon · Gran Turismo · Long Gone Before Daylight · Super Extra Gravity
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