Eddie Chacon

geboren am 22.8.1963 in Oakland, CA, USA

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Eddie Chacon

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Eddie Chacon is an American singer/songwriter and a former member of the musical group Charles & Eddie. They had four Top 40 hits in the UK in the 1990s. Their biggest was the worldwide hit single, "Would I Lie to You?," taken from their debut album, Duophonic.[1] "Would I Lie to You?" won three Ivor Novello Awards in 1993 (for Best Contemporary Song, Best Selling Song and International Hit of the Year).


At age 12 he started his first band with neighborhood kids Cliff Burton (Metallica) and Mike Bordin (Faith No More) in Castro Valley, California. He moved to Los Angeles at age seventeen and started his career as a staff songwriter for CBS Songs. His first assignment was re-working Beatles songs for CBS. His demo of "All You Need Is Love" fell into the hands of Columbia Records president, Mickey Eisner who signed him to his first major record deal. After working with producer Richard James Burgess (Buggles) he struggled to find his own voice. His LP was shelved after the disappointing performance of his début single, "All You Need Is Love." Meanwhile, his song writing career got off to a promising start. His first recorded song was the Feargal Sharkey (The Undertones) single, "Out of my System", released on Virgin Records in 1988.

Unable to let go of his singing dream, he moved to Miami and signed on with Luke Skyywalker Records (Luther Campbell). His solo record "Sugaree" (released January 1989, under the pseudonym Edward Anthony Luis) stalled when he began working as a second engineer on 2 Live Crew's controversial record, As Nasty As They Wanna Be. After a move back to Los Angeles The Dust Brothers started producing him in the hopes of signing him to their newly formed label Nickelbag Records. He was happy with the music but felt the project was moving too slowly so he moved to New York City and began working with famed rapper Daddy-O (Stetsasonic).

It was there that he had a meeting on a subway train with Charles Pettigrew (chronicled in Charles & Eddie #33 UK hit, "New York City"). Shortly thereafter, they were signed as duo Charles & Eddie by a junior A & R person at Capitol Records, Josh Deutsch (who eventually founded Downtown Records and RCRD LBL in 2006). The duo had four Top 40 hits in the UK ("Would I Lie to You" #1, "New York City" #33, "House Is Not a Home" #29 and "24-7-365" #38) before disbanding in 1996 due to the untimely deaths of Charles's father and sister. Eddie went back to songwriting and co-wrote, Save our Love, which went on to be one of six Top 20 hits in the UK's third biggest record of all time in England by a girl group, Eternal.

In 1998 Chacon wrote another Top 40 hit in the UK, "Searchin' for a Soul" (UK #28) recorded by Connor Reeves. In 1994, Chacon wrote a #1 hit in Scandinavia, "All It Takes" (1994 EMI/Medley Records) for the Danish singer Hanne Boel. Chacon eventually moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2001 to write and co-produce several chart toppers with Poul Bruun (discovered and produced, Gasolin']. Together they worked on Hanne Boel's #1 record "Beware of the Dog" (EMI/Medley 2002), co-produced and wrote #1 album, Erann DD, Thats the Way for Me (Columbia Records,2003) and #1 single by Erann DD, "Didn't I Tell You (That I Love You)". In 2004 he wrote both singles on Hanne Boels #2 album Abaco (Warner brothers Records, 2004), "While You Were Out" and "Wonderland". In 2007, Chacon wrote Top 40 hit, "Preacher", taken from Hanne Boel's, Private Eye.

From 2008 - 2011 Chacon released three full-length electronic disco influenced records under the name, The Polyamorous Affair, a duo he formed with his spouse, Sissy Sainte-Marie. The records were favorably reviewed by NME, XLR8R and Dazed & Confused (magazine). Their music was featured on Ugly Betty, Dexter, NCIS Los Angeles and Skyy Vodka, Passion for Perfection[2] campaign. They also contributed, "Putting out Fire", the theme from Cat People for the 2010 David Bowie tribute record which also featured Duran Duran, John Frusciante, Devendra Banhart, (Megapuss), Vivian Girls and Carla Bruni. In 2013 they were rumored to be working with Best Coast's Bobb Bruno on new material.



  • 1987: Chico Debarge (Album) (Motown) Kiss Serious (songwriter, Love Addiction)
  • 1988: Feargal Sharkey (album) (Virgin) Wish (songwriter) Out of my System
  • 1989: Tyren Perry (album) (Columbia Records) (songwriter) You are my Everything
  • 1989: Edward Anthony Luis (album) (Luke Skyywalker Records) (produced and wrote)
  • 1992: Charles & Eddie, Duophonic (album) (Capitol/Stateside) UK #19, US #153
  • 1993: True Romance soundtrack (Wounded Bird)
  • 1993 Addams Family Values soundtrack (Supernatural Thing)
  • 1993 Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack (Stop the world)
  • 1994: Hanne Boel, Misty Paradise (album) (EMI/Medley) (songwriter)
  • 1995: Charles & Eddie, Chocolate Milk (album) (capitol/stateside)
  • 1996: Butchie Swaine and the Unborn, The Book of Revelations According to: (album) (Red Ant)
  • 1998: Trine Rein (album producer) (EMI) To Find the Truth
  • 2001: S Club 7 (songwriter) (Polydor) Good Times
  • 2002: Hanne Boel, Beware of the Dog (album) (Emi/Medley) (songwriter)
  • 2003: Erann DD, That's the Way for Me (album) (Columbia Records) (co-produced and wrote) Denmark #1
  • 2004: Hanne Boel, Abaco (album) (EMI/Medley) (wrote and co-produced)
  • 2007: Hanne Boel, Private Eye (album) (Warner Music) (songwriter)
  • 2008: The Polyamorous Affair (album) (Winter Palace Records)
  • 2009: The Polyamorous Affair, Bolshevik Disco (album) (Manimal Vinyl/Winter Palace Records)
  • 2010: David Bowie Tribute, (Manimal) (Produced The Polyamorous Affair, VOICEsVOICEs (mixed by PREFUSE), and Laco$te)
  • 2010: The Polyamorous Affair, Strange Bedfellows (Album) (Winter Palace Records)
  • 2011: LACO$TE (album) (Manimal Vinyl) (Producer)


  • 1987: "All You Need is Love" (single) (Columbia Records)
  • 1989: "You are my Everything", Tyren Perry (single) (Columbia Records)
  • 1992: "Would I Lie to You?" UK #1, US #13
  • 1993: "N.Y.C. (Can You Believe This City)" UK #33
  • 1993: "House Is Not a Home" UK #29
  • 1994 Hanne Boel (single) "All it Takes", Denmark #1
  • 1994 Eternal (single) "Save our Love", UK #8
  • 1995: "24-7-365" UK #38
  • 1995: Charles & Eddie (single) "Jealousy" UK top 40
  • 1998 Connor Reeves (single) "Searchin' for a Soul", UK#28
  • 1999: Aaron Neville (single) "Little Piece of Heaven"
  • 2003: Erann DD (single) "Didn't I Tell You (that love you)", Denmark #1
  • 2005: "Would I Lie to You?" remix (shown as Musikk feat. Eddie Chacon) - a #1 hit in Europe
  • 2007: Hanne Boel, "Preacher" (single) Denmark top 40


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