Roscoe Beck

geboren 1954

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Roscoe Beck

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Charles Roscoe Beck is an American bassist with a reputation as "a solid bottom-liner".[1] Beck has played with artists like Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, Leonard Cohen, and The Dixie Chicks. He is also a successful record producer with two Grammy Award nominations.[1]


Roscoe Beck moved to Austin in 1971. In Austin he met and played with Eric Johnson and brothers Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan.[2] Later in the 1970s he formed an R&B/fusion band called "Passenger" which in 1979 played a gig in Los Angeles where Robben Ford was present and asked them to be the opening act on his tour. After having shuffled between Austin and Los Angeles for a year, Beck was asked to play on Leonard Cohen's album "Recent Songs". The experience led him to start working as a record producer, and in 1986 he produced Jennifer Warnes' Grammy-nominated album "Famous Blue Raincoat".[1]

Beck played with Robben Ford through the 1980s, which in 1992 resulted in the release of the debut album of Robben Ford & The Blue Line, with Tom Brechtlein on drums. The band received a Grammy nomination for their 1993-album "Mystic Mile".[1]


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