Cliff Hugo

geboren am 23.4.1951 in California, USA

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Cliff Hugo

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Cliff Hugo

Clifford Clyde Hugo (born April 23, 1951) is the bass guitarist for the art-rock band Supertramp.[1] Hugo worked with fellow Supertramp member Carl Verheyen in the Carl Verheyen Band from '97 - 2008 . He has worked as a session musician for other musical projects and artists, like Rick Braun, Melissa Manchester, Willie Bobo, Moacir Santos, Paul Williams, and many others.

Hugo spent his early days in Southern California. After graduating from college he was invited to play with Ray Charles both on tour and in studio. Oh What a Beautiful Morning is a noticeable piece of this collaboration. He currently lives in Sonoma, California. He is a member of the Faculty in the Jazz program at Sonoma State University. He is a member of the Ernie Ball / Musicman family since 1988.

In 2012, Hugo appeared on The Beach Boys' reunion album, That's Why God Made the Radio.


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