Original Soundtracks 1

Passengers, Holi

Original Soundtracks 1

Label Island Records / CID 8043;524 166-2

Produktionsjahr 1995

United Colours of Plutonium (Film)
1. United colours
Slug (Film)
2. Slug
Beyond th Clouds (Film)
3. Your blue room
Always Forever Now (Film)
4. Always forever now
An Ordinary Day (Film)
5. A different kind of blue
Beyond th Clouds (Film)
6. Beach sequence
Miss Sarajevo (Film)
Ito Okashi (Film)
8. Ito Okashi
Ghost In The Shell (Film)
9. One minute warning
Gibigiane / Reflections (Film)
10. Corpse (these chains are way too long)
Elvis Ate America (Film)
11. Elvis ate America
Hypnotise (Love Me 'til Dawn) (Film)
12. Plot 180
The Swan (Film)
13. Theme from the swan
Let's Go Native (Film)
14. Theme from Let's go native