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Good Vibrations

Beach Boys

Good Vibrations


Interpreti Beach Boys
- Bruce Johnston (e-bass, vocals, Elektrischer Bass)
- Dennis Wilson (vocals, drums)
- Carl Wilson (Elektrogitarre, vocals, electric guitar)
- Mike Love (percussion, vocals)
- Alan Charles "Al" Jardine (vocals, electric guitar)
- Brian Wilson (keyboard, vocals)

Compositori Brian Wilson Mike Love

Data di registrazione 1966


Smiley Smile & Wild Honey

Beach Boys, Paul McCartney

Smiley Smile & Wild Honey

Casa discografica Capitol Records / CDP 7 93696 2

Anno di produzione 1990

1. Heroes And Villains
2. Vegetables
3. Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)
4. She's Goin' Bald
5. Little Pad
7. With Me Tonight
8. Wind Chimes
9. Gettin' Hungry
10. Wonderful
11. Whistle In
12. Wild Honey
13. Aren't You Glad
14. I Was Made To Love Her
15. Country Air
16. A Thing Or Two
17. Darlin
18. I'd Love Just Once To See You
19. Here Comes The Night
20. Let The Wind Blow
21. How She Boogalooed It
22. Mama Says
23. Heroes And Villains
24. Good Vibrations (Various Sessions)
25. Good Vibrations (Early Take)
26. You're Welcome
27. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
28. Can't Wait Too Long Been Way To Long