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That's Why (You Go Away)

Michael Learns To Rock

That's Why (You Go Away)


Interpreti Michael Learns To Rock
Jascha Richter (keyboard, vocals)
Mikkel Lentz (guitar)
Søren Madsen (Elektrischer Bass)
Kåre Wanscher (drums)

Compositori Jascha Richter

Data di registrazione 1994 - 1995


Played On Pepper

Michael Learns To Rock, Michael Learns to Rock / Memb.

Played On Pepper

Casa discografica EMI / 8349132

Anno di produzione 1995

1. Breaking the rules   
4. Love will never lie   
5. Judgement day   
6. Hot to handle   
8. You'll never know   
9. Take off your clothes   
10. Naked like the moon