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We Just Need A Little

Shem Thomas

We Just Need A Little


Interpreti Shem Thomas (men voice, vocals, Beats)

Compositori Shem Thomas Pele Loriano David Hofmann Brendan Wade Lilly Martin Stewart Cole

Data di registrazione ca 2014
1. gennaio 2015 - 31. dicembre 2015


You're (Not) The Only One

Shem Thomas, Stefanie Heinzmann

You're (Not) The Only One

Casa discografica Universal Music / 473 567-1

Anno di produzione 2015

1. You're Not The Only One
3. Crossroads - Remix
5. Dancing In The Light
6. Valley
7. We Are One
8. Father And Son
9. Me & You
10. Oma
11. You're The Only One