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Next To Me

Lilly Martin feat. Ellis Hall

Next To Me


Interpreti Lilly Martin (woman's voice, vocals)
Ellis Hall (vocals)
Oliver Keller (dobro, guitar)
Michael Dolmetsch (keyboard, background voice)
Markus Fritzsche (background voice, bass)
Tom Beck (drums)
Freda Goodlett (background voice)
Lesley Bogaert (background voice)

Compositori John Magnie Tommy Malone

Data di registrazione ca 2014
ca 2015
1. gennaio 2015 - 31. dicembre 2015


Right Now

Lilly Martin, Ellis Hall, Richard Koechli

Right Now

Casa discografica Eigenvertrieb / SM 95031

Anno di produzione 2015

1. Jealous Kind   
2. Lonely Avenue   
3. New York City   
5. Right Here, Right Now   
6. Runaway Train   
7. Time Will Tell   
8. Black Rat   
9. Tumbling Walls   
10. Move On   
11. Makes Me Wanna Cry   
12. Ask Me 'Bout Nothing (But The Blues)