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Nice Little Penguins

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Nice Little Penguins

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Nice Little Penguins is a Danish pop band, formed in 1983 by the two brothers Carsten Kolster and Michael Kolster and their friend Bo Feierskov in the area around the city of Vejle. In the mid 1990s the band's sound engineer, Hans Henrik Praestbro, started to appear on stage. As keyboard player Praestbro made the band take in a slightly more international sound. From year 2000, Praestbro was the fourth and full member of Nice Little Penguins.



  • Beat Music (1993)
  • Flying (1995)
  • World You Can Live In (1997)
  • Free (2004)
  • Hits, News & Live (2005)
  • Som En Rejse (2008)
  • TBA (2012)


  • Part Of The Way (2011)


  • Flying (1994)
  • The Peacock (2010)
  • Here Comes The Sun (2010)
  • Grateful (2011)

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