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Don't Give Up

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

Don't Give Up


Interprètes Peter Gabriel (synthesizer, piano, vocals, drumcomputer)
Kate Bush (vocals)
Manu Katché (drums)
Tony Levin (Elektrischer Bass)
David Rhodes (guitar)
Richard Tee (piano)
Simon Clark (synthesizer)

Auteurs Peter Gabriel David Rhodes

Date d'enregistrement ca 1986


Shaking The Tree

Peter Gabriel, Youssou N'Dour

Shaking The Tree

Label Offside Records / 261178

Année de production 1990

2. I don't remember   
4. Family snapshot   
5. Mercy Street   
6. Shakin' the tree   
8. San Jacinto   
9. Here comes the flood   
10. Red rain   
11. Games without frontiers   
12. Shock the monkey   
13. I have the touch   
14. Big time   
The Last Temptation of Christ (Film)
15. Zaar   
16. Biko