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It Ain't You


It Ain't You


Interprètes Monotales
Daniel Gisler (keyboard)
Mauro Guarise (vocals)
Kuno Studer (guitar)
Urs Müller (guitar)
Andi Schnellmann (Elektrischer Bass)
Arno Troxler (drums)

Auteurs David Ernst Hangartner Mauro Guarise

Date d'enregistrement ca 2016


Weekend Love

Monotales, Heidi Happy

Weekend Love

Label Irascible (dist.) 1901 Records / 02/2016

Année de production 2016

1. Don't Miss You Yet   
3. You Can't Get Out   
4. Weekend Love   
5. Finley Street   
6. Must Have Been Someone Else   
7. K's Waltz   
9. And They Call It Summer   
10. Banned by the Blues   
11. Mallory   
12. High on the Mountain   
13. Sing the Song, Boys