Music jury

A successful radio programme relies on feedback from the target group. We are therefore pleased to receive helpful suggestions from our listeners. As a member of the jury of Radio Swiss Pop you can actively participate by voting on the musicians, albums or songs that we should include in our music programme in the future.

Every Monday we'll send you an e-mail with a link to the current voting session.

Click on the link to open the online voting form. Here you'll find short excerpts of the songs to be rated and a rating scale. The names of the artists are intentionally omitted, in order to obtain an impartial rating of the songs.

You listen to the music excerpts and provide your rating and assessment of how often the song should be played. You have until the following Sunday at midnight to submit your ratings.

After each session the vote results will be evaluated by us in the middle of the following week and published stating the title and artist on the site.

Complete this form to become a member of the Music Jury.

Personal details provided on your registration form help us to further evaluate our music programme. We will not pass on your personal details and will only use them for internal purposes.


The Music Jury results from 26.11. to 02.12.2018