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My Town

Glass Tiger & Rod Stewart

My Town


Performers Glass Tiger
- Alan John Connelly (electric guitar)
- Wayne Parker (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)
- Sam Reid (keyboard)
- Alan Frew (vocals)
Rod Stewart (vocals)
Al Connelly (Elektrogitarre)

Composers Alan John Connelly Alan Frew Wayne Parker Jim Cregan Al Connelly

Date of recording at about 1990


Simple Mission

Glass Tiger, Rod Stewart

Simple Mission

Record Label Capitol Records / 7929222

Year of production 1990

1. Blinded
2. Animal Heart
3. Let's Talk
4. Where Did Our Love Go
6. The Rhythm Of Your Love
7. Spanish Slumber
8. Simple Mission
9. Stand Or Fall
10. Rescued (By The Arms Of Love)
11. One To One
12. One Night Alone
13. She Said Love Me Like A Man